• Reform programs should be set in place where non-violent crimes can be removed from the record of first time offenders to assist in aiding those person to becoming valuable and productive citizens. The legal system should seek to become more rehabilitative.
  • Ensure the investigation of all police-related shootings & serious assaults are investigated by an outside counsel.
  • Advocate for the immediate investigation by an external special prosecutor when alleged racist & sexist activity occurs from any law enforcement personnel. In the event inappropriate findings are revealed through these investigations, swift punishment/discipline will occur. (i.e. the case of Millicent Williams).
  • Hold Municipalities accountable that practice racial profiling in traffic stops. Statistically, the records of this specific injustice date back to when President Nixon was in office, and this must stop.
  • Ensure the proper management of the St. Louis County Justice Center. My campaign is calling for the fair treatment of detainees. Citizens that have been arrested are still deserving of their right to human decency.
  • Ensure all Police Department employees reflect the Racial/Ethnic Demographics of St. Louis County & Municipalities.
  • Advocate for County-Wide Oversight Police Review Board and enable board members to have subpoena power. Transparency of practice should not only occur upon request, but rather, should be a given.
  • Advocate for prompt responses from the public to the St. Louis County Council to promote accountability and transparency.
  • Hold Town Hall Meetings, at least quarterly, by geographic venues.
  • All St. Louis County boards should mirror the Racial/Ethic Demographics of the County.
  • Support the Growth and Development of under-served Small Businesses. The federal funds given to the county should adequately budget for small business funding.
  • All Contractual Services should reflect a minimum of 30% Minority Contractors. The goal is to advocate for and continue to support organizations that work for the inclusion of minorities and women in service groups where they are grossly underrepresented such as contracted work.
  • Protect and Advocate the Rights and Fair Wage/Benefits for St. Louis County Workers to include Equal Pay for Women, and advocate for the minimum wage to be increased to $15 an hour. The Equal Pay act of 1963 made it illegal for there to be gender differences in pay for similar work. Employers should be required to report wages, account for any discrepancies, and be held accountable under penalty of the law if they fail to comply with the Equal Pay Act of 1963.
  • Support legislation to Punish Businesses that are involved in Predatory Lending Practices.
  • Assist St. Louis County Employees and Small Businesses in regaining employment and operation post COVID-19. It is critical that city government and businesses work together to determine the community needs and the best plan of action to satisfy these needs.
  • Oppose St. Louis County/City Merger. A merger, as a state initiative decision rather than that of the citizens most affected, would prove to be both unethical and unjust.

2 thoughts on “Social Justice Platform

  1. I saw nothing that engages formerly incarcerated persons with proven track records to be employed in the social justice platform but you want our money and vote.


    1. Hello Pastor Jackson. Thank you so much for for donation and I appreciate and respect your comment. My platform addresses a very specific segment of the incarcerated: first time offenders and non-violent offenders. The initiative I propose is to remove this one thing from their record so that they could indeed go forth into the community and gain fair employment and be given a fair chance. The preschool to prison pipeline is a REAL thing. The idea that in Missouri a fight in school can go on your record a felony is egregious. Your comment addresses another population. There are criminal reform programs to prevent re-entry into the system given the stipulations you have named, many of which I am told are doing very well . Addressing the prison system at all is a step many politicians don’t dare to brave. I am not like most politicians. I seek change and progression. I seek to bring to light many of the areas that set back segments of people-specifically African Americans, before we ever get a change to start. I had to start somewhere and this is where my heart led me. I am open to discussion and formulation of an action plan. What would you propose is in the best interest of the population of formerly incarcerated persons you of which you speak?


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