• The same way homes are racially divided by zip codes, schools seem to follow the same unjust rhetoric. If parents live in a city/municipality and move within that same city/municipality, they should have the option to keep their children at the same school. Those moving into a district, as tax payers, should have the option to choose and apply to enroll their children in the school at best suits their family’s needs.
  • Education should be inclusive of the history of all ethnicities that make up this nation in equal capacity. Students of all backgrounds are deserve to more than know more than just the one side of the American story. Computers are a large part of the student learning journey so finding information, activities and methods of inclusion are not beyond the resources already allocated to the educators.
  • In schools where special education services are not offered, regular special education and sensitivity training should be required as part of educators yearly continued education practices. The population of student that fall along the spectrum of special needs to include Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, autism, and others, is growing in education and educators should be prepared to accommodate them.

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